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The Basics of Dakimakura

Do you want to buy a Dakimakura? If you do, you are in luck. This article will give you the basics of this adorable Japanese creature. In addition to its adorable face, Dakimakura also come in a variety of different colors and sizes. Read on to discover which ones are the most popular and why. You can also learn about other types of Dakimakura and find out which ones are the most popular.


A traditional Japanese pillow, Chikufujin is the Japanese equivalent of a Dutch wife. Made of bamboo cane and mesh, Chikufujin are often kept in bed to promote air circulation. While they have become popular in other parts of Asia, their original meaning is much closer to chikufujin. The Dakimakura district has two chikufujin temples, each with their own distinct style.

The Dakimakura pillow has been in the market for some time, and it first appeared in the early 1990s. It features cartoon and anime character images printed onto a pillowcase. The pillow is often called a "Dutch wife," but it's actually a bamboo wife called chikufujin. The Japanese also refer to it as a "waifu," because it is believed that sleeping with a waifu will warm the body.

Coosfly Dakimakura

A dakimakura body pillow provides support and relief for your back and joints. This pillow allows you to sleep on your side, eliminating the pressure and pain in your lower back and joints. Dakimakura body pillows are made of superior-grade materials that allow them to be extremely soft and durable. The pillow's centered designs feature a variety of levels of support. 3D breasts, for example, offer added support and are made of elastic silicone.

You can purchase a Coosfly Dakimakuro online for the price of one at your local store. The website also has a storefront where you can purchase a Dakimakuro. This store offers a wide variety of products, including dakimakura. Anime fans can purchase items with their favorite characters and save big with Coosfly promo codes.

Peach skin

Dakimakura is a novel, fine-haired fabric with a texture similar to peach skin. It is a kind of artificial suede, but without the polyurethane coating. Peach skin fabric is ideal for clothing and accessories. It is also suitable for packaging boxes, shoes, and furniture decoration. The delicate texture is soft and smooth to the touch. It is easy to wash and dry, so it is a practical option.

To maintain its peach-skin appearance, dakimakura should be washed frequently to prevent dust particles from clogging the pores on the fabric surface. To clean a dakimakura, use a soft cloth soaked in neutral soapy water, then gently blot the surface. Then, dry the piece by placing it on your lap. If you want to prolong its life, you can use a body pillowcase.

Talking Dakimakura

A Japanese clothing company has made the world's first Talking Dakimakura and continues to release official versions of the stuffed toy. Invented by a former research scientist at the Kyushu Institute of Technology, the Talking Dakimakura can interact with its customers and can even mimic popular characters from anime and other media. Dakimakuras are also known as "love pillows" and usually depict life-size characters in suggestive poses. These can be anime characters, furry animals, and even pornographic film actors.

The Dakimakura is very different from other dating simulations, in that it does not care about the protagonist's finances. She does not need clothes or gifts to be wooed. However, she will need a bath once in a while. Dakimakura will also have no food preferences, so it is important to choose your items carefully. While this game is fun, it also reinforces stereotypes about sex and unequal power structures.


There are two main dimensions of Dakimakura. The traditional Dakimakura is 160cm long and 50cm wide, and the newer ones are 150cm by 50cm (59 in by 20 in). This decrease in size allows for lower shipping costs. Be aware, however, of scam artists who try to rip you off by selling fake Dakimakura at high prices.

A dakimakura pillow has many benefits, including a variety of uses. It can be used as an orthopedic pillow, a security blanket substitute, and even a love pillow. Getting started with your own collection is fairly easy. All you need is a dakimakura pillow and a pillowcase in the correct dimensions. Dakimakura pillows aren't superior to normal body pillows, but if you are an anime fan or love quirky items from faraway lands, the Dakimakura is a great way to begin your collection.


Before custom anime body pillow, it is best to know the cost of the items. Dakimakura pillows are generally more expensive than standard pillowcases. Purchasing Dakimakura pillows is a great way to show your love for anime and manga. The pillowcases are generally standard sized and come in high-quality materials. There are many options for purchasing your Dakimakura pillow.

One option to keep the cost of your Dakimakura down is to purchase twill pillows. Dakimakura pillows are made by Cospa, the original Japanese manufacturer of the pillow. However, twill pillows are not as durable as the originals and have washed-out prints. Additionally, if you choose this option, you'll have to import the pillows from Japan, which will also raise the cost of shipping.

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