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Death Grips Merch If you love rap, you'll want to buy the merch for Death Grips' live performances. These guys are all-caps rappers with pop aspirations and a lo-fi aesthetic. They've made their name with intense live shows and their merch, and it's hard to imagine a more appropriate way to celebrate their cult status than to buy their music.

The group first started in Sacramento, California, in 2010. It consists of Stefan "MC Ride" Burnett, drummer Zach Hill, and keyboardist Andy "Flatlander" Morin. Their live performances feature the full band, with only the drummer Zach Hill missing a few shows earlier this year. They did not mention the recent cancellations, and their setlist consisted primarily of material from their first two albums. Their debut album, The Money Store, was rated the 9th best album of 2012 by Pitchfork.

The band's stage persona is equally intense, with drummer Hill drumming to the point of injury during a show. The band often performs without an encore and is known for their intense, chaotic stage persona. The band's merch will likely reflect the band's maniacal energy and unpredictability. In addition to selling merch, Death Grips have also been making headlines for their live


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