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The Final Conclusion of Your Dissertation

At the end of our article, we want to draw small conclusions, which we will form in the table below. On our own behalf, we want to say that it is impossible to pass the dissertation defense procedure simply and easily. Not only does it take a lot of effort, but also a lot of time. Documents are submitted more than one day, and processing can take more than one week.

These are the realities of our time. Such a complex process of protection implies that obtaining a scientific title is a very important process that cannot pass without the supervision of certain institutions. Just like that, no one gets a candidate or a doctor, as evidenced by the procedure for defending a dissertation.

  1. Conclusion: Feedback on the dissertation abstract is a prerequisite for any dissertation defense procedure. Without these reviews, the protection procedure cannot take place. The main function of this review is a public announcement of the defense of a scientific work.

  2. Description: Where to get feedback? The abstract is posted on the website of the Higher Attestation Commission and the institution where the defense will be held. On this abstract, the dissertation student receives feedback in paper or electronic form. It is important that each review is properly formatted and does not contain moments with obscene language and loud statements.

  3. Feedback on the abstract: How are reviews read? All positive reviews are read out after the dissertator's report, if there are many such reviews, then the secretary of the commission can skip a few reviews or make a brief review of them. Negative reviews, in any case, should be read out, since the defender of the dissertation will have to answer them in full.

Of course, in order to get good reviews about scientific work, it is worth worrying about it in advance. You need to find trusted people with a scientific degree who could constructively evaluate your achievements in the scientific field. It is advisable to find a person who works in the field in which the scientific work is written. This type of testimonial is highly valued on the defense, as it is of great value and comes from a leading authority in the field.

Remember that the presence of negative reviews does not mean that the dissertation defense will be canceled, the number of bad reviews is not regulated by anything, which means that they can be received in any quantity. Feedback on the dissertation abstract is an indisputable fact that should be present at the defense of a scientific work, but this does not mean that a large number of negative reviews can spoil the final assessment of the dissertation.

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