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The Rolling Experience

The "Rolling Experience" offers a hands-on activity that represents the day-to-day experiences of people with disabilities, and provides a structured encounter with them.

Founded by four people with disabilities, all of which are graduates of the House of Wheels, the venture is designed to encourage the connection and dialogue between people with and without disabilities.

The rolling experience offers the general public a 2 hour workshop that includes lectures and experiences that address issues of accessibility. The program also provides vocational training and employment to those with disabilities as they are paid to lead the workshops. During the two hour workshop, the facilitators accompany the participants throughout the activity.

The participants of the workshop will:

1. Meet a person with a disability: Hear personal stories and ask questions 

2. Experience disabilities: Through activities that simulate every day challenges (including experiencing using a wheelchair)

3. Process the experience: Through group discussion we process the emotions and a call for change – a change in perception and behavior.

The rolling experience is tailored specifically for each group and answers the needs of all types of groups. Thousands of people have gone through the rolling experience and have already become ambassadors of change.

We hold our workshop at the House of Wheels in Herzliya, 128 David Hamelech Street (where we can accommodate up to 100 people). For an additional fee we can also come to any location of your choice (provided the location is accessible).

For more information, pricing and to book an activity, contact us:

“Thank you for an unforgettable experience, we were surprised and excited to discover new points of view regarding disabilities. We gained important and different knowledge which was taught in the most enjoyable and creative way! Thank you for the privilege to be with you, to get to know people with disabilities, who conducted the workshop. Your message came through in an amazing way and you have inspired us to create change!”

Adi Gurevich, The Scouts Movement in Israel.

“Many thanks to everyone who took part in the organization of the workshop, for the opportunity and the right to participate.

It was a special and heart-opening workshop. The ability of the people we met - Martin, Amit and Daphne - to tell their story honestly, openly and with humor was exciting and inspiring.

May there be many more important initiatives like yours that encourage openness, acceptance and inclusion, create a direct and authentic human connection and bring our hearts closer together.”

Yashar Koach!

Sagi Jelinek, Citi Bank

“The workshop was powerful and exciting, featuring brave and inspiring people.

Our alumni said it was one of the most impactful and life changing experiences they had in the program. They were left with a lot of food for thought about facing challenges, determination and leading by personal example.

The workshop was delivered in a very professional manner, it was evident that you did a tremendous preparatory work on the Mandel Leadership Institute. We enjoyed hearing the particular struggles and victories, the general life lessons learned with the touch of humor embedded into the workshop.

Thank you!”

Sigal Kanner, Mandel Leadership Institute

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